Easy fried pork pieces recipe

Fried pork pieces are very easy to make, yet delicious. This meal is convenient for everyone with a frying pan and cooker. It is also relatively cheap per serving unless pork is the expensive kind of meat in your country.



For 2-3 servings you will need:

  • About 0.5kg\1.1lb joint of pork\gigot
  • Grounded pepper, coriander, red pepper
  • Caraway seeds, salt
  • Sunflower or olive oil




1) Cut the pork into pieces of preferred size and put them into a bowl. Add about half a teaspoon of grounded pepper, about the same amount of coriander and salt. Also add some caraway seeds and up to two teaspoons of red pepper. Flush it all with sunflower or olive oil (I prefer the olive oil) and mix it thoroughly. It is time to leave the meat soak for at least 10 minutes now.

2) Turn on the cooker and let your frying pan heat up. Now roast the pork until it changes color before you add the water. Also, add all the oil\spice mix from the bowl into the frying pan. Anyway, the pork pieces should be covered in water from about 3\4. Cover the pan and let the meat steam\boil until it is cooked through. Add the hot water as it evaporates until the pork is done.

3) It is time to let the water evaporate and fry\roast the pork pieces some more. The oil\spice mix in which you soaked the pork pieces should remain on the pan after the water evaporates. Frying your pork pieces in this mix will make them delicious. Be careful not to burn them though, unless you like your pork pieces to be burned on the outside.

Enjoy your easy fried pork pieces! They are best enjoyed with bread or rolls. However, you can utilize any other side dish that you like. For example, boiled or fried potatoes are a great side dish to accompany these delicious fried pork pieces. Those of you who hesitate to make this meal, because fried pork pieces seem very unhealthy can silence their conscience by choosing healthy vegetable salad as a side dish. Also, easy fried pork pieces can be conveniently stored in freezer. They will remain delicious and fresh-like for up to few weeks when frozen.

Easy fried pork pieces

Easy fried pork pieces

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