Best snacks to bring on a road trip

Road trips are fun as long as there are enough snacks to go around. Not everything is convenient as a road trip snack though, especially during the hot summer days. It is important to know what the best snacks to bring on a road trip are. The range of convenient snacks can be vastly enhanced, if one owns a portable refrigerator. Nevertheless, here are the best snacks:

Fruits and vegetables

Fruit is ultimately the best snack to bring on a road trip. Juicy fruits are the best choice since they provide refreshment without the need to be refrigerated. The same is true for vegetables such as paprika or watermelon (yes, it is technically a vegetable). These healthy snacks are much more convenient than most sweets since chocolate and many candy bars will melt on the hot sunny days. More importantly, sweets will leave you thirsty while juicy fruit is both sweet and refreshing.


Sandwiches make a great road trip snack too. However, it is important to avoid using ingredients that get spoiled fast, at least as long as you do not have portable refrigerator for your car. Also keep in mind that opportunities to take a dump are often very limited when on the road trip. For this reason, avoid using any ingredients that might make you or your friends/family sick such as dressings or boiled eggs.

Homemade meals

This one is mostly for those with portable refrigerators. There are many homemade meals, main courses for lunch even, that can easily be stored in lunch boxes and eaten on stops along the way or even on the move. Of course, you should try to avoid meals with sauce as these can easily be spilled. Anyway, while this may not sound like a snack idea, you will surely appreciate a good meal on your road trip. More over it will be much cheaper than eating in restaurants along the way. So, bringing your lunch is a must if you are on a tight budget.


While juicy fruits and vegetables are healthier and more refreshing choice, some sweets are still among the best snacks to bring on a road trip. I would not bring a chocolate though. It can easily melt. That will spoil the snack for most people. Sweets that do not contain chocolate or do not melt are much better choice for a road trip snack.

Bottled water

Whether you buy bottled water or fill the bottles with tap water, it should be a number one on your list. It is better to bring clean water rather than sweetened water or soft drinks. Clean water is better for quenching thirst, especially after eating a sweet snack.

To conclude, the best snacks to bring on a road trip are those that will refresh you and remain unspoiled even on hot summer days such as juicy fruits and vegetables, fresh water, sweets that do not melt and sandwiches. However, you can broaden your choices greatly, if you have a portable refrigerator. Then you can easily bring your own lunch on a road trip.

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