How to save money on books

Every avid reader wants to know how to save money on books. It is a sad reality that almost all books at bookstores are expensive. Yet we read many books only once and they just sit on the shelf quietly ever after. Borrowing books or exchanging ones you already read with your friends or even total strangers via websites focusing on swapping books can save you a fortune. Of course, some people insist on owning the books they read (cheers I am one of you). Luckily, it is possible to save significant sums on buying your own books too.


Used books

If you insist on owning the books, highest sums of money can be saved by buying used ones. Some bookstores have special sections for selling used books. Sometimes, libraries sell out their excess copies of less popular books as well. There are also special bookstores that focus solely on re-selling books. All these places offer great deals at least on some of the books. Of course, many great bargains can be picked at garage sales as well.

Whichever of the mentioned opportunities you seize, you can easily save over 50% on many of the books. Deals on older books and books written by less-known authors can be even better. I personally picked many second-hand books for as low as 50 euro-cents. Sure, most of them were written and printed long before I was born but they were all a great read. The most important part, money-wise, is that I bought more than 15 hard-cover books for price of one brand new paperback sci-fi novel (of course, paperbacks might be less overpriced in your part of the world).


Online bookstores

Some of the bookstores focus mainly on selling through the Internet. These usually offer discounts on all their books. Of course, these discounts are often only a few % of the usual retail price and are lower than what you will pay for postage in case you buy only one or two books. However, most online stores offer free postage, if you buy in bulk. You will not save as much as by buying used books though.



While owning an E-book is not as satisfying as having a shelf full of printed books, it saves space and money. Some E-books are even 50 or more % cheaper than their printed version. Of course, this is not the case with all books. Nevertheless, you can save a lot of money by opting for E-books instead of traditional printed books.


Exchange them

Another great alternative is to exchange books you do not plan to read again with people who haven’t read them yet. This can be done is several ways. Being a member of a book club and exchanging the books with other members is one option. You can also exchange books with your friends and family. In fact, exchanging used books for free has become so popular that there are websites with sole purpose of providing this service between utter strangers.


Borrow them from library or friends

Borrowing books is definitely the best money saver. Buying second-hand books can save you a lot of money, but borrowing all the books from public library is almost entirely free. There is usually a low monthly or yearly membership fee. However, that is all the expense you will have. Also, you do not have to worry about storing large numbers of books at home or transporting them in case you get to move to new house. Borrowing from friends and relatives is also a great way to reduce your book spending.


To conclude, reading can become a very cheap hobby, if you learn how to save money on books. Generally, borrowing most or all books from libraries and friends is the best option. However, you can save a lot of money buying books too. Usually, buying used books offers the best savings. Occasionally you can pick even new books in excellent condition at garage sales or from stores that specialize on selling second-hand books for very low prices. Though, you can choose a way of hunting bargains on totally new books as well.

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